27 November 2009 – Council of the EU : 18 month programme of the Council, prepared by the future Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian Presidencies.

This document sets out the combined programme of the Spanish, Belgian and Hungarian Presidencies covering the period January 2010 to June 2011. It is presented in two parts. The first part contains the strategic framework for the programme, setting it in a wider context, and
specifically within the perspective of more long-term objectives running into the subsequent three Presidencies. The second part constitutes the operational programme setting out the issues which are expected to be covered during the 18 month period.

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Kurdish refugees in Corsica: asylum or charter flights? – LDH-AEDH-FIDH-REMDH joint press release, 23 January 2010

On Friday, January 22nd, a ship dropped off 140 people on the south coast of Corsica. These people were exhausted and starved. They are women and children desperately trying to escape from what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights calls “terror and misery”. These people are Kurds from Syria, fleeing one of the worst possible existences under one of the worst possible regimes. They are seeking asylum.

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A motion for rejection of the European Parliament to denounce the denial of democracy in the setting up of the new European Police Office Europol – Press release, 2 December 2009

On the eve of the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the Council of the European Union adopted on November 30, 2009, four draft decisions on the setting up of the European Police Office Europol on January 1, 2010 . This haste has led the European Parliament to vote a motion for rejection of those draft decisions in order to denounce the denial of democracy. The ordinary legislative co decision procedure established by the Lisbon Treaty should have been the obvious solution since the new Treaty was about to enter into force, but Member States disregarded it and imposed their choice against the MEPs’ opinion.

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