March 2010 – The European Parliament resumes its work on asylum package

The European Parliament committee on civil liberties, justice and home affairs is currently working on two recast proposals, one on the 2004 “asylum qualification” directive, the other on the 2005 “asylum procedures” directive. The recast of these texts takes place within the framework of the “asylum package” aiming to harmonize Member States’ practices and to build the Common European Asylum System. Several other measures belonging to this package were adopted by the European Parliament in May 2009.

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AEDH response to the European Commission consultation on the future EU-US international agreement on personal data protection and information sharing for law enforcement purposes – 26 March 2010

The European Association for the Defense of Human Rights deems it legitimate for the European Union and the United States to search for ways to fight together against serious transnational crime and terrorism. In this context, there is an obvious need to access and to share personal data, but such access can only be achieved through respect of the fundamental rights established in international conventions recognized by the stakeholders of this agreement. Privacy and individual rights must be respected, with the establishment of compensatory measures when these rights are limited in such circumstances. These measures can take the form of transparency, effectively independent supervisory authorities, and with the possibility of judicial remedy for the individuals concerned.

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The European laissez-passer – 23 March 2010

The AEDH has recently acquainted itself with a decision that has remained confidential since 1994: the Council recommendation on a standard travel document for the expulsion of third-country nationals.

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