Deaths in the Mediterranean – as the European Union and the member states refuse to act, civil society itself takes action

31 July 2015 – Basta ! How many times already civil society actors have repeated this appeal to the decision-makers in Europe to draw the consequences of the deaths in the Mediterranean – close to 2000 persons just in 2015 – and to react with the creation of a properly resourced maritime search and rescue operation and the opening of safe and legal immigration channels towards Europe to prevent multiple shipwrecks? Until now, the adopted measures have been insufficient, focusing too much on securing of borders and the pursuit of traffickers, and cannot prevent new tragedies.

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Surveillance in Germany: prosecuted for “treason” for publishing confidential documents

10 July 2015 – Last February and April, the German defender of fundamental rights Netzpolitik published confidential documents testifying the extension of German intelligences services’ surveillance activities on the Internet. On July 10, the president of the intelligence services put charges against the website, accused of “treason” for having revealed state secrets. An accusation learned by Netzpolitik indirectly, via a broadcast.

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Spain commits to meliorate its Human rights situation before the UN Human Rights Council, without taking into account all its recommendations

25 July 2015 – The UN Human Rights Council adopted on June 25 its final report ending the second universal periodic review mechanism involving Spain. The Council issued 198 recommendations to meliorate the Human Rights situation on the Spanish soil, but the Iberian Peninsula only accepted to implement 169: 20 alarming and strongly mediatized situations of human rights’ violations go out of the window.

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