The humanitarian refugee crisis – The European Union’s responses

29 October 2015 – The European institutions held several meetings, conferences and summits (plenary or mini) throughout the month of October in order to identify orientations and means for facing the refugee “crisis”. In different forms, four elements can be found constituting the guidelines of the European policies: receive the refugees after a selection aiming at discouraging the “false” asylum seekers / strengthen the return policy of member states in cooperation with Frontex / lead a “naval war” against migrant smugglers / emphasise the partnership with third countries.

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Smart borders for all: now we know a little bit more…

16 October 2015 – AEDH was already talking about it last month: while there is still an ongoing public consultation about the smart borders initiative, some ideas are already circulating inside the EU Council. Because there is the objective to fight against terrorism through an expansion of the system to anyone, it also highlights the security dimension of this project.

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The French League of Human Rights (LDH) launches a joint call to denounce making solidarity a crime regarding the migrants in Calais

08 October 2015 – At Norrent-Fontes, a town near Calais, two shelters for migrants built by the municipality in 2012 burned in spring 2015 in an accidental fire. “Terre d’errance” (The land of wandering), a French local association and some local people undertook to rebuild the shelters but were stopped by the municipal police for so-called “urban” reasons.

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