« Hotspots » in Greece: the dramatic consequences of the EU-Turkey deal

27 July 2016 – On 25 July 2016, GISTI, (Information and Support Group for Immigrants), published a report on the “great imposture” of the EU-Turkey deal. This report is based on GISTI’s field mission in the Greek “hotspots” on Lesbos and Chios islands. GISTI discloses the dramatic consequences of the shameful EU-Turkey migration deal signed on 18 March 2016.

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Is it a refugee or an asylum policy “crisis”?

27 July 2016 – The meaning of “refugee” and the fact that it is often compared with the concepts of “migrants” and “asylum seekers” are not always easy to understand, and even to justify. In her brilliant article « Crise des réfugiés, ou des politiques d’asile ? », the sociologist Karen Akoka analyses the evolution of these concepts and the way they have been used throughout the XXth century. She also focuses on the institutional process which has led to the differentiation between good vs. bad refugees, and thereby sheds light on the current “migrant crisis” in Europe.

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A « new » European laissez-passer to improve the efficiency of the EU return policy

26 July 2016 – On 23 June, the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament endorsed the project aiming at modifying and standardising the format of the “European laissez-passer”, a travel document regularly used by some Member States to return foreigners without ascertaining their nationality or identity with the consular authorities of their assumed country of origin. AEDH is particularly worried by this explicit attempt to turn this document into the new key tool of the EU return policy.

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