Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía (APDHA) and Algeciras Acoge require the closure of the Algeciras migrant detention camp

 01 October 2015 –

The associations Algeciras Acoge and APDHA ask for the closure the Internment Centre for Migrants (CIE) of Algeciras in which the facilities are defective and social assistance is insufficient.

They denounce the fact that migrants are treated like criminals, although they have not committed any crime. Indeed, these migrants are deprived of their right to the protection of physical and mental health, legal assistance, information on their situation, privacy, or private communication.

The Association of Judges for Democracy also condemns, the freedom of these persons shall in no case be withdrawn as they have not committed any punishable offense.

Algeciras, like other Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga, is encouraged to declare itself as an "internment camps free city (ICE)", in order to promote the decent treatment of the vulnerable persons seeking a better life in Europe. 

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